My fish prices start at $20.00  per inch for replicas.   
If you have an older fish that needs repaired and repainted it is $10.00 per inch.

My duck prices start at  $375.00  for smaller ducks, such as Teal or Bufflehead.
For all other ducks it is $400.00 for standing or flying. 
Pheasants $400
Chukar $300
Quail $250 
Geese prices are :
$600 for Ross, Cackler, Brant, Snow, Blue , Speck  or Lesser Canadian (standing)
$675 for flying
$700 for Greater Canadian standing
$775 for Greater Canadian flying
$750 for Sandhill Crane standing
$825 for Sandhill Crane flying
$35.00 extra for open mouth birds
$150 deposit on fish replicas
$150 deposit on birds
$200 deposit on geese

Driftwood is included in the waterfowl prices
My turn around time on waterfowl is 12-15 months right now.

Shipping charges are extra for all mounts.
$40.00 for driftwood

Table Habitat- $150 & up

Wall Habitat- $175  & up

Wall Habitat- $75 & up


 Table Habitat- $100 & up


 Knothole- $100